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Welcome to the Zaitz website.  At one point this was three or four websites that were developed for various projects over a number of years. It became evident when the Zaitz family developed there own domain that it made sense to combine all the websites into one.  Each section is broken into a number of subsections.  The Nifty Cars section is broken into photos taken of cars that are or have been in our family.   The second group of photos are primarily concerned with car rallies that Doug and Ron Zaitz participated  in.  Another section is concerned with photos taken on the race track in Portland, Oregon at the Portland International Raceway over a period of several years.  Most of the photos are of Alfa Romeo cars driven by Alfa Club members including myself and Doug Zaitz. The third section is not complete, but will contain photos of past, present and future sports cars and events. The family section is broken into subsections showing where we live, some background info on Carol and Ron and photos from our past.  Another section shows photos of various members of our family and close relatives and events.  The final section is one that will be constantly changing as I come up with some techniques I am using in developing new websites for other people. It kind of gives an idea of what can be done and lists websites that I have completed or are in a state of development.